Top Tips For Renting Your First London Apartment

By: Cliq Apartments Team

01 APR 2021

Moving into your first apartment can be a thrilling experience. First-time renters look forward to their first apartment for a variety of reasons, including independence, moving to a new city, living away from their parents, and finding a place to call their own. 

You should look for an apartment that matches your needs and requirements, such as budget,  building type (eg new development or a period building), apartment size, facilities, location, and so on. Many listings now include virtual tours of available apartments. This will allow you to see the floor plans and amenities without having to travel to the apartments. This should give you an idea if they are not what you are looking for and will save you a trip.


The factors to consider before deciding on which apartment to rent


Location: To begin with, it should be in a secure area and you have good vibes from the local neighbourhood. Perhaps you want an apartment near specific shopping or entertainment area of the city. If you're studying, you might want to live near the university. If you work, you may want it close to your workplace or near a bus line or tube station. 


Amenities: Check the apartment listing details and look out for appliances such as air conditioning, dishwashers, washer-dryer, free utilities like heating or WiFi, a balcony or small patio, and so on. These are only a few of the amenities that apartments may provide and many of the newly built apartment buildings offer residents communal leisure facilities such as a gym, spa, coworking spaces and cinema room.


Parking: Having a convenient parking space nearby or included with the apartment is critical if you have a car. Check the listing for allocated parking space or find out to see if parking is easy, or ask other residents if they have any problems. 


Pet policy: You should also check to see if they allow pets if you have one.


Security: Even if the apartment is in a good safe area, consider the condition of the building, the roads and streets leading to the building, the locks on the doors, the landscaping, and so on. You want to ensure that the property is well maintained by the landlord, as well as that the apartment building does not appear dilapidated.


Legal: Examine the lease or tenancy agreement carefully to ensure that nothing has been left out that has not been discussed and agreed upon. Check online for any reviews left on the building by current or ex-residents. 


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